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I believe we have great schools and I know with my devotion and service they can be even better.​​


About Rick

Rick is well known in Halton as a leader in the financial services industry and in many community organizations. He is a Financial Advisor having acquired the Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner, and Chartered Financial Consultant designations throughout his career.

Nothing is more important to Rick, than his Catholic faith and family. He has been a member of St. Raphael's Parish for 50 years where he serves as Lector, and Minister of the Eucharist. Rick's faith, family, friends, and foundations are continuous sources of inspiration. His wife and children are the center of his universe as he perfects the art of balancing work, family and community in a way that inspires so many around him.

About Me

Rick's Priorities


I believe the key to diversity is to approach it without being divisive.

A true Catholic lens will not exclude anyone.

Meeting Room


There MUST be complete accountability for every decision that is made at the Board level. Nothing can be held from the public. This can only be accomplished by clear and comprehensive communication at every level. I plan to be in touch with my Catholic ratepayers on a continual basis. I have an open door policy at all times of the day.

Children raising hands

Special Education

Special Education should have the highest priority in all our policies and debates. Children are our most vulnerable and our most valuable resource. When I hear stories of how much the budget went towards hiring lawyers to settle trustee squabbles, my heart sinks. This money could have been used to enhance programming for special needs kids at all levels.

Flexible Payment Planning

Fiscal Responsibility

In the last four years, the Board has had a very poor record in balancing the annual budgets. With my entire life spent working in finance, I know I can improve this record immensely and reintroduce a greater measure of fiscal responsibility. Though a compliant budget is acceptable, a balanced budget gains much more of the public confidence, and that's what it's all about.


If elected, what do you plan to accomplish
in your first 100 days?

"From what I heard about the Board meetings over the last few years, the level of trustee conduct is beyond the pale. I truly believe that with my experience as a chairperson on various boards, I can bring the level of interaction back to where it was at one time. This will be a hard road. But, I have faced challenges like this in the corporate world many times. This is a challenge, one which I welcome and embrace as a quest."

Get Involved

Your support is an opportunity to make a positive change in Halton Catholic District School Board!

Send me a message to learn how you can get involved with my campaign.

*Note: Contributions can only be accepted from individuals who are residents of Ontario. Corporations and trade unions are not permitted to make contributions. By legislation, donations to municipal elections are not tax deductible.

Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you soon!

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